At Americal, we strive to not only provide the highest quality heat transfer labels with the best service in the industry, but to do so at the best price.  As a small, family run company, we run a tight ship with very little overhead, but it is our advanced technology that truly allows us to be the low cost producer.

Savings on Large Volumes

Our technologically advanced, German engineered Klemm printers output labels at an extremely high speed with precision accuracy yet require very little time to set up.  The high speed reduces our labor costs while the precision accuracy eliminates defects.

Savings on Small Volumes

For those requiring smaller quantities, the savings can be even greater.  The short set up times and inexpensive tooling costs allow us to print as few as a few thousand labels in a very cost effective manner. 

Some of our competitors utilize small, technologically challenged machines and multi-step processes that require extensive labor and yield high defect rates while others use offset printers with long set-up times and tooling costs that run about 5 times higher than ours.

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