Most companies talk about service, but the ability to truly deliver on this promise remains challenging for most. With heat transfer labels, this can be even more complex as the proper application of heat transfer labels requires knowledge and experience not only in the production of the labels, but also the equipment applying the labels and the process being utilized.  Americal’s experienced team and its ability to solve problems is what truly separates Americal from its competitors.


  • Americal technicians helped customer identify that fan responsible for cooling a machine operator was cooling labels and causing quality problems.
  • Faced with an issue related to labels not adhering properly, Americal technicians found that efforts to extend life of silicone pads in machine was affecting performance.

Quick Turnaround

As a small company run by a highly committed family, we are able to turn around labels very quickly when required.  Once printed, labels made in our centrally located manufacturing operation in St. Louis, Missouri can be economically shipped to most parts of the United States within days.